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         Company 3M Industrial Grinding, tape glue, automotive aftermarket products, such as sheet metal spray cosmetic, occupational health protective masks masks, Korea SUNMIGHT L312T sandpaper, Norton sandpaper, YB dry sand, our suppliers and market integration through the channel resources, made ​​some price advantage, with the continuous expansion of business, in order to continue to meet customer and market competition, is the establishment of tape slitting disc sand factory conversion plants, processing a large variety of disc sand production process quality Nissan 300 000 disc sand, is an excellent foreign trade partners, wholesalers and exporters of major Division I uphold: "proactive, constantly pioneering and innovation, to create maximum value for our customers and strive to move customers" business philosophy, brave , scaled new heights for business continuity, and create high value-added industrial materials and work hard, are welcome to call to discuss the guidance and cooperation. QQ: 453543497

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